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There are now 14 days until International Beatles Fan Day June 6, 2019!

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The Beatles to appear on the worldwide Our World broadcast was announced on this day in 1967.

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Beatles Fan Day in the Classroom

It's also the mission of International Beatles Fan Day to keep the legacy of the Beatles alive by encouraging the day to be celebrated by kids in classrooms all over the world.

The music of the Beatles is timeless, we know from direct experience of parents with their small kids, that once little kids hear the Beatles, they love them just as much as their parents. And older kids can learn to appreciate the Beatles' message of peace and love, and how they so significantly affected today's society and music.

Kids at The Beatles Story in Liverpool

Our goal is to help teachers to come together and share their plans for Beatles Fan Day, and gather information to help teachers in all grade levels to put together lesson plans about the history and worldwide impact of the Beatles to be used in their classrooms on June 6.

Areas of Beatles study

How the Beatles Influenced Music
In the same way John Lennon was influenced by Elvis, the ground-breaking recordings of the Beatles urged other musicians of the day to push boundaries even further. Brian Wilson was inspired to create the Beach Boys masterpiece Pet Sounds after listening to the Beatles' Rubber Soul album, which in turn inspired Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

How the Beatles Influenced the Music Industry
The Beatles received comparatively little of the millions made from the sales of Beatles records and merchandise in their early years. Following their gigantic worldwide success, many artists started getting improved terms for recording, publishing and merchandizing, thus securing a greater share of the profits generated by their endeavors.

How the Beatles Influenced Fashion
Long hair, brightly colored Mod fashion, the Nehru jacket. Would these fashions been as popular without being seen worn first by the Beatles? Would our hair styles and casual dress today, as compared to how we dressed in the 1950's, been possible had not the Beatles broken the ice first?

How the Beatles Influenced Society
The lyrics of most Beatles songs contained themes of love and friendship, even some with religious themes. While still with the Beatles, and after their breakup, John Lennon was professing peace and the end of war. Today, Paul McCartney is a strong advocate of animal rights and vegetarianism.

The Beatles in the News
The Beatles made national headlines for more than their music. There were death threats and record burnings in the Southern U.S. after John Lennon was quoted that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Paul McCartney caused a stir when he admitted they used drugs in 1967, and was arrested for drug possession in Tokyo in 1980.

These are just a few ideas of possible lines of study in the classroom on Beatles Fan Day. More Beatles study guides and educational material will be posted here soon.

TEACHERS: If you are a teacher, educator or are associated with an educational institution, and you would like to help us develop our Beatles Fan Day educational program, please contact us.

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