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The Beatles to appear on the worldwide Our World broadcast was announced on this day in 1967.

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Celebrate Beatles Fan Day - 6/6@6

In June 1967, the first global satellite television show, Our World, was broadcast. 19 nations were invited to contribute to the show, the Beatles appeared representing the UK. On that day, 400 million people in 31 countries all around the world listened to the Beatles sing All You Need Is Love for the first time.

"It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message," said Brian Epstein. "The nice thing about it is that it cannot be misinterpreted. It is a clear message saying that love is everything."

Now, 52 years later, we celebrate International Beatles Day by getting together and sharing that same song at the same time, recreating that historic event and spreading the Beatles' message of love once again all around the world.

6/6@6 (pronounced "six six at six") means that on International Beatles Fan Day, June 6, at 6:00 pm, we all gather together to listen to the Beatles' All You Need is Love at the same time.

Because Beatles Fan Day is celebrated internationally, fans have the choice of either celebrating 6/6@6 at 6:00 pm their local time, or at 6:00 pm in Liverpool (BST, British Summer Time). Or, you can chose to celebrate at both times!

6/6@6 in Liverpool

If you'd like to celebrate 6/6@6 at the same it is celebrated in Liverpool, here is a list of some cities and local times corresponding to June 6 at 6:00 pm in Liverpool:

Liverpool, England   Thursday, June 6, 2019   6:00 PM (BST)
New York, NY   Thursday, June 6, 2019   1:00 PM (EDT)
Chicago, IL   Thursday, June 6, 2019   12:00 PM (CDT)
Denver, CO   Thursday, June 6, 2019   11:00 AM (MDT)
Los Angeles, CA   Thursday, June 6, 2019   10:00 AM (PDT)
Amsterdam, Netherlands   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Auckland, New Zealand   Friday, June 7, 2019   5:00 AM (NZST)
Beijing, China   Friday, June 7, 2019   1:00 AM (CST)
Cairo, Egypt   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (EET)
Cape Town, South Africa   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (SAST)
Delhi, India   Thursday, June 6, 2019   10:30 PM (IST)
Hamburg, Germany   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Helsinki, Finland   Thursday, June 6, 2019   8:00 PM (EEST)
Honolulu, Hawaii   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 AM (HAST)
Kyiv, Ukraine   Thursday, June 6, 2019   8:00 PM (EEST)
Madrid, Spain   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Moscow, Russia   Thursday, June 6, 2019   9:00 PM (MSK)
Nassau, Bahamas   Thursday, June 6, 2019   1:00 PM (EDT)
Oslo, Norway   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Paris, France   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Reykjavik, Iceland   Thursday, June 6, 2019   5:00 PM (GMT)
Rome, Italy   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Stockholm, Sweden   Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 PM (CEST)
Sydney, Australia   Friday, June 7, 2019   3:00 AM (AEST)
Tel Aviv, Israel   Thursday, June 6, 2019   8:00 PM (IDT)
Tokyo, Japan   Friday, June 7, 2019   2:00 AM (JST)

If your time zone is not listed, you can use this Time Zone Converter to find your local time for 6/6@6 in Liverpool.

On The Radio

Radio stations, on the air and streaming on the internet, will be participating in 6/6@6 by playing All You Need Is Love on the air at 6:00 pm (or as close to 6:00 as their programming allows).

This web site will eventually have a listing of radio stations that are planning to play the song at 6:00, check back here as we get closer to Beatles Fan Day on June 6 for a list of stations participating.

If your favorite oldies or classic rock radio station is not on the list, you could call up their request line and ask them to play the song. Tell them about International Beatles Fan Day and 6/6@6, and that it would be cool for them to play the song at 6:00 pm!

DJ'S AND RADIO STATIONS: If you're a DJ or are connected with a radio station and would like to participate by playing All You Need is Love on the air at 6:00 pm local time or 6:00 pm Liverpool time, please contact us so we can list you here on this page!

Play The Song Locally

If you're not near a pariticpating radio station, you and your friends can still join in with world and play the song yourself at 6:00 pm, connecting spiritually with everyone else who will be doing it at the same time.

However you arrange to hear the song at 6:00, gather with your friends, hold hands and sing along!

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